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We Invest In One New Deal A Month!

Let us become your Strategic Partner


Strategic Partnership

Open your own luxury Memory Care Mansion using our plans and process.

We walk you through our 4 frameworks to build a new construction Memory Care Mansion.

  • We will make sure you don't buy the wrong property.

  • Have us review your deal before you purchase the property.

  • We will guide and work with you through every step of the location process.

  • Learn everything you need to know to choose the right location, steps and lessons such as:

  • Find what market you should be in.

  • How to determine your bed rates.

  • Secret shop your competition to know what does well in your location.

  • Determine if a property will work or not for your home.

  • Figure out if the zoning will work.

  • How to know if you found the right property.

  • How to talk to the local city and learn state requirements.

  • Do your due diligence on the property.

  • Use our new construction building plans (architectural and engineering plans)

  • Use our builder (if close enough) or use a local one with our scope of work.

  • Use our construction pricing template.

  • Use our building materials specs and our furniture/décor.

  • We will guide and work with you through every step of the building process to make sure you have the perfect home for your business.

  • Learn everything you need to know to ensure you create your perfect home, steps and lessons such as:

  • How to get Architectural plans.

  • How to get Engineering plans.

  • Work with a Civil Engineer.

  • Being sure that your building is ADA compliant.

  • Pull permits to ensure that you can build everything you'll need.

  • Create a construction scope of work.

  • How to know what your construction bids should be.

  • Spec out your materials and finishes.

  • Learn how to pass local inspection.

  • 2. FUNDING
  • We will create a custom business plan and financials for you.

  • You will be able to use our preferred lender.

  • We will guide and work with you through every step of the funding process to make sure you have the necessary funds to open.

  • Learn everything you need to know about raising capital to start your bussiness, steps and lessons such as: 

  • How to use our business plan and build out your business plan.

  • Build out a financial model.

  • Determine what your operating costs will be.

  • Get a meeting and explain to deal to potential investors using our investor meeting template.

  • Create multiple companies for business and asset protection.

  • How to get the loan to purchase the land.

  • Use our state inspector consultant for compliance prior to building completion.

  • Use our licensure paperwork.

  • Use our policies and procedures manuals.

  • We'll ensure that you'll have all your licenses by the time you're ready to operate 

  • Learn everything you need to know about the licensure process, steps and lessons such as:

  • How to build your home to state requirements.

  • What license type to obtain.

  • Ensure you will ne able to pass the State inspection.

  • Create your life safety paperwork.

  • Create your policy and procedures manuals.

  • How to open your business.

  • Operations

    We teach you the 8 frameworks of our operation company. Learn first-hand every aspect of operations before you open by shadowing us virtually or sending your manager to come learn from our team.

    We provide a template for every system that you will need.

  • Use our website and social media template.

  • Learn to fill your beds before you are open.

  • Build a waitlist.

  • Create a virtual tour for your home.

  • Learn how to network at community events. 

  • 2. SALES
  • Learn how to answer sales calls.

  • Rebuttal common objections through word tracks.

  • Use our structure of touring and sales presentations.

  • CRM and follow up system templates.

  • 3. HIRING
  • Hiring Managers, Caregivers & Chef.

  • Job Posts & Interview templates.

  • Onboarding paperwork.

  • Learn how to use our admission paperwork.

  • Use our assessment & care plan templates.

  • Use our medication management system.

  • Learn Outside Service coordination.

  • Use our resident binders template.

  • Learn how to best communicate with Families.

  • Use our New Hire Orientation templates.

  • Use our training systems.

  • Use our Medication Delegation template.

  • Use our Scheduling systems. 

  • Use our staff issues systems.

  • Use our PPE & Medical Supplies systems.

  • Order Office & Household Goods.

  • Use our Food & Menu Templates.

  • Learn how to use our special events ordering system.

  • 7. FINANCE
  • Learn how to manage your Mortgage and Taxes.

  • Use our template for Invoicing Residents.

  • Learn how to use our Payroll systems.

  • Use our PTO & Benefits systems.

  • Use our Profit & Cashflow systems.

  • Manage a bookkeeper.

  • Use our repairs log system.

  • Learn how to turn a bedroom.

  • Use our template to stage a bedroom.

  • Manage landscaping services.

  • Maintain fire alarms and sprinklers.

  • Who Should Apply

  • They are not afraid to get their hands dirty. Willing and able to work floor shifts, including overnight when the need arises.

  • They want to directly oversee the operations company. They will be the leader and ultimate responsible person for the success of the business.

  • They are not looking for a passive investment or to rent the building to another operator.

  • They want to open this nearby to where they live.

  • They are in a stable place in their life, job, finances and relationships.

  • They have a genuine desire to want to help people, specifically seniors.

  • A person, couple or team that wants to build a new construction luxury assisted living or memory care.

  • They want to take an active and all-in approach to learning.

  • They work harder than the average person and can bounce back from challenges and failures.

  • They have some type of medical or business experience.

  • They have a liquid savings of at least $50,000.

  • They and all their team have at least fair credit and no bankruptcies.

  • They are bank financeable to get a loan to purchase vacant land.

  • They have at least 10 hours of time each week available to commit prior to opening.

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