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Assisted Living Investing: Building New Construction Or Buying Existing Home

In this FREE Virtual Workshop You Will Learn The Difference Between Building An Assisted Living From Scratch And Buying An Existing Home For Your Assisted Living!

  • Event Starts: Thursday, March 7th, 6:30 PM CST 

  • Language: English 

  • Location: Online Event

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    About The Workshop Host



    Co-Owner of Platinum Resort Assisted Living and multiple real estate development companies across the US. He used his real estate and business expertise to redefine assisted living. He created the Mansion Assisted Living model, a franchise style, plug and play, assisted living business-in-a-box. He has redesigned the assisted living space to look and feel like a boutique Mansion. Brett has created scalable systems and processes that provide all the care and amenities of a large facility into an upscale luxury assisted living home.


    Georgetown, TX

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